Not the End. Definitely Not the End.

I just received a review for my story Edge of Heaven, and since it’s signed by a guest, I’m going to reply here and hope he or she sees it.

Dear guest:  in response to your query, in case you couldn’t discern from the the title of my post, Chapter 1: The Frying Pan, is definitley NOT the end of this story.  To you and everyone else following along, I’m so sorry for the long hiatus, but I’m afraid that it’s going to continue for a little longer.  I’m swamped with a couple of other projects right now, but I promise, promise, promise that I will return to Edge of Heaven to finish out the MTAL series.  As I’ve told my readers before, I never abandon my stories.  I always finish what I start … the problem is I just can’t tell you exactly when I’ll finish them.

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