Homecoming, Chapter 2

Naomi wrote: "Awwe [sic]... I was hoping Icheb and her would get together, since you know, last story they were KISSING... oh well 😦 Fantastic Story 😀 love it!" Response: Thanks for another great review, Naomi!  When I was working on "Homecoming", I seriously considered Icheb as a match for Dani, but at the time, … Continue reading Homecoming, Chapter 2

A Love Less Ordinary, Chapter 9

From Naomi: "Oh my... so wrong and nasty at first, I would have never thought to have Dukat and a Starfleet goody-goody together!  You had me shuddering all through the story, up until he died actually I was like 'this CAN'T be happening!'  But you made it intresting [sic], intriguing, and I couldn't stop reading!  … Continue reading A Love Less Ordinary, Chapter 9