About Engage Studio


Engage Studio, previously Engage Fiction, was created by Brandie Course as a way to accessorize and publicize her fiction and related content.  Engage Fiction began in 2001 as RAVE Fiction on the Geocities network.  RAVE fiction became ENGAGE Media in 2004 as part of a prototype for a science-fiction/fantasy magazine called Engage Magazine.  Online, Engage moved briefly to the Freewebs network before settling into a site on the Tripod network.  In mid-2009, Engage underwent another name change and found another home on the web. ENGAGE Media became Engage Fiction, and its main site moved to Google Sites.  Currently, Engage’s main site is on WordPress, and its name has changed to Engage Studio to more accurately reflect its expanded focus beyond fiction content.


In the years since its inception, Engage has expanded to include a presence on several sites around the web:  Fanfiction.net, WordPress, and Wattpad.  Engage produces mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fanfiction stories, along with supplemental content.  A large amount of this is in the Star Trek fandom.  Engage also produces reviews of books, movies, tv shows and video games, as well as original short stories, series, and screenplays.


The fanfiction material featured on all Engage sites is not intended to infringe upon the rights of original content creators/owners.  No money or other form of compensation has been accepted, nor will it ever be, for this material.  Creators/owners retain the rights of their respective original characters and/or content.  Any original content appearing on any Engage website remains the sole property of Engage and/or its contributors and may not be distributed, appropriated, or used in any other manner without the express permission of the author/content owner.  Original content may be under protection of applicable copyright law.

It is not the desire or intent of Engage to violate any copyright laws or otherwise infringe upon anyone’s rights.  Engage makes no money from its websites; likewise, Engage asks that anyone accessing the site (except for the web hosts), refrain from using any of the material appearing here for monetary gain.  If you do, you do so at your own risk!

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