Possession – Chapter 25

A/N: Well, guys, this is it. This is the final chapter, FINALLY. Thanks for sticking with the story and keeping up, especially through the long breaks between chapters. For Big Mama: Mary Lee Holmes Perry 1930 - 2007 /\/\/\ Chapter 25 The battle at Cowpens had signaled a change for the worst for the British, … Continue reading Possession – Chapter 25

Possession – Chapter 23

"I told you to hold your fire!" Tavington scolded his officer. "Sorry, Colonel," the officer said. "I thought he had a firearm. It looked like a pistol." "A pistol? He's a boy. His 'pistol' was made of wood; it's nothing more than a child's toy." Tavington flashed a look of fury at the trigger-happy officer. … Continue reading Possession – Chapter 23