Sweetest Sin – 9. Scratch

When Dani materialized in the Enterprise's transporter room, familiar faces awaited her. Captain Picard, Will Riker, Counselor Troi, Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay all watched on eagerly as Dani's form solidified. She had hardly taken one step off the transporter pad when her parents engulfed her. It was as if they were in too much of a hurry … Continue reading Sweetest Sin – 9. Scratch

Sweetest Sin – 1. Surveying the Damage

Story #6 in the "More than a Lifetime" series Author's Note: This story is the sixth in a series of stories that do not follow cannon and should not be taken as such. The previous stories, in order, are: 1) Delta Wild, 2) Homecoming, 3) Graduation, 4) A Love Less Ordinary, and 5) Return to … Continue reading Sweetest Sin – 1. Surveying the Damage