Edge of Heaven – 1. The Frying Pan

Story #8 in the "More Than a Lifetime" series Author's Note: This story is the eighth in a series of stories that do not follow canon and should not be taken as such. The previous stories, in order, are: 1) Delta Wild, 2) Homecoming, 3) Graduation, 4) A Love Less Ordinary, 5) Return to Normal, … Continue reading Edge of Heaven – 1. The Frying Pan

Deliberation – 3. Promises

Dani sat frozen at the computer monitor absently watching the major event of the day unfold. She didn't know why she was torturing herself like this, because that's what it was - torture. There was no reason she had to sit there and watch the man she loved marry another woman. But, all the same, … Continue reading Deliberation – 3. Promises