Homecoming – Chapter 4

Dani entered the security code to the apartment. The doors slid open. "Come on in," she said, stepping inside. "Are you sure your parents won't mind?" Will asked. "They won't," Dani replied. "How can they when they're not here?" Will gave her a wary look. "They're at Headquarters," she assured him. Will was still standing … Continue reading Homecoming – Chapter 4

Homecoming – Chapter 1

19 year-old Dani Janeway looked around her quarters. It was hard to believe that it wouldn't be long until she would be back in her bed on Earth. Her old bed. At home. For some reason, that phrase felt foreign now. She was at home. Voyager had been her home for seven years, the whole last half of her childhood. Just … Continue reading Homecoming – Chapter 1