4. August 4, 1914

August 4, 1914 Belfast 5:29 pm I'd been wondering if history would unfold as it had before. Today I got my answer, because today Britain declared war on Germany. The First World War is starting. Brynne was at the shipyard, on board the Britannic. It was the first time she'd been back onboard since she'd … Continue reading 4. August 4, 1914

3. May 17, 1914

May 17, 1914 Belfast - Dunallon 2:45 a.m. Tom had a nightmare tonight, one so disturbing that he couldn't go back to sleep. I have to admit that when he told me the dream, it left me with chills. "Tom?" When Tom had awakened and left their bedroom in the middle of the night, Brynne … Continue reading 3. May 17, 1914