Sweetest Sin (Star Trek: VOY/DS9/TNG)

Story #6 in the “More than a Lifetime” series

This story is the sixth in a series of stories that do not follow cannon and should not be taken as such. The previous stories, in order, are: 1) Delta Wild, 2) Homecoming, 3) Graduation, 4) A Love Less Ordinary, and 5) Return to Normal. The events in these stories occur in an alternate universe in which Chakotay’s stint with the Maquis happened much earlier in his life. He is married to Kathryn Janeway, and they have a daughter. In this universe, Voyager did not combine with a crew from a Maquis ship, but instead reached the Delta Quadrant with a small loss of life and most of her crew in tact. The events of “First Contact” and “Insurrection” have already occurred in this timeline, but “Nemesis” has not. The Dominion War occurred, but with vastly different results. Many of the events of the final season of Deep Space Nine didn’t occur, which means the characters that died during the season are not dead in my story. Please overlook any other inconsistencies or errors pertaining to the original Star Trek universe as the author’s ignorance.

1. Surveying the Damage

2. Prime

3. Downtown

4. Ex Factor

5. Mall Madness

6. Surprises

7. Reunion

8. Fallen

9. Scratch

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