A Journey Along Cane River

Cane River by Lalita Tademy Published April 2001 by Grand Central Publishing A blend of fact and fiction, Cane River explores the history of Tademy’s family. Tademy tells the story of four generations of her slave-born female ancestors: Elisabeth, Suzette, Philomene, and Emily, all born along the Cane River in Louisiana. Their stories revolve around … Continue reading A Journey Along Cane River

OOC Ship of the Line

Ship of the Line by Diane Carey Published May 1, 1999, by Pocket Books Ship of the Line revives a storyline from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Cause and Effect”.  In that episode, the Enterprise crew experiences a temporal causality loop where they keep experiencin the same sequence of events over and over … Continue reading OOC Ship of the Line

Edge of Heaven – 17. We’ll Always Have Risa (or Will We?)

Archer and Dani emerged from his ready room. "I've taken the liberty of asking Commander Tucker to join us," Reed said. "What's the problem?" Archer asked, walking over to Reed's station. "We're having trouble balancing the warp field," Reed said. Archer studied Reed's computer monitor. "Looks fine to me." "It's odd," Reed said. "It'll be … Continue reading Edge of Heaven – 17. We’ll Always Have Risa (or Will We?)