Fumbling Toward Ecstasy

Travel back in time with the agents of the Central Office of Scientific Intelligence (COSI) in this series spanning several fandoms and eras.  The first adventure follows new agent Brynne Larence back to the Titanic.

Disclaimer: All the characters, except Dani and other original characters who do not appear on screen or in print elsewhere, belong to Paramount/Viacom. I do not own them or claim to. These stories were produced and are presented purely for the enjoyment of the readers. I don’t make any money from this, and these stories may not be used for any such purpose. If you wish to use any of these stories for purposes other than monetary gain, please do so, as long as my name and this disclaimer remain attached to them.

Fumbling Toward Ecstasy

(Rated T for language and suggestive adult themes)

Image by Simon Maennling, https://unsplash.com/photos/wmbXtPiK68Q.

When Brynne Larence moved into her new apartment, she moved into a whole new life as a government agent. Her first mission takes her back in time to Titanic.

 The Journal, Volume 1

(Rated T for language and suggestive adult themes)

Brynne Larence Andrews, a native of the 21st century, became stranded in the past while on a mission to the R.M.S. Titanic. Written by her own hand, this is an account of what became of her life – her journal.

 The Journal, Volume 2

(Rated T for language and suggestive adult themes.)

After Brynne accepts her fate and settles into Edwardian-era life, she faces new challenges. These are a few entries from the second volume of Brynne’s journal entries.

 The Journal: A Life Lived

(Rated T for language and suggestive adult themes)

It’s been an unexpected life for Brynne Larence Andrews.






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Billie Myers


Sarah McLachlan

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