7. July 3, 1913

July 3, 1913 2:26 p.m. Belfast, Ireland Dunallon I'm pregnant. I had a feeling this would happen eventually. As … active … as Tom and I have been with each other, and with birth control the way it is nowadays, I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. We haven't been able to keep our hands off … Continue reading 7. July 3, 1913

6. January 3, 1913 continued

January 3, 1913 4:56 p.m. Belfast, Ireland Harland and Wolff Despite everything I've been through with COSI and knowing what they are capable of, I still couldn't believe it when I found myself standing beside myself, literally, as this other woman who looked, talked, and acted like me explained everything that had happened to me. … Continue reading 6. January 3, 1913 continued