Homecoming – Chapter 7

Deanna Troi, the Enterprise's resident counselor, sat in a chair in the temporary office provided to her by Starfleet. "I must say, I was thoroughly surprised when I saw your name in my appointment log," she said. "You know you don't need an appointment to talk to me." Will Riker sat on the sofa across from the … Continue reading Homecoming – Chapter 7

Homecoming – Chapter 6

May 26th - Dani Janeway's 20th birthday. She, Kathryn, and Chakotay had decided that a small gathering at the apartment would suffice, and the whole affair had worked out wonderfully. Many Voyager crewmembers attended, as did other friends, such as Will, and family. They'd all come bearing gifts and goodwill. "I didn't expect this to turn out … Continue reading Homecoming – Chapter 6