Chapter 21: You Give Me Something

Brynne knew they were only doing their jobs, but did the stewardesses have to attend the lavatories at all times? Brynne had intended to open the link in the bathroom she'd first arrived in, but when she opened the door, she found a stewardess patiently waiting there for anyone who might need her services. Out of … Continue reading Chapter 21: You Give Me Something

Chapter 20: What Might’ve Been

Brynne arrived at the Grand Staircase on D-deck and found that her tour group had already assembled. She wasn't late, but with the whole group already there, it certainly felt that way. Ruth DeWitt Bukater, The Countess of Rothes, and Lucile Duff Gordon were huddled in a little group when Brynne descended the stairs. Colonel … Continue reading Chapter 20: What Might’ve Been