Chapter 26: The End?

"So you're Jeremy Bratt," Jo said. She sat across from Jeremy in the COSI cafeteria. "That I am," Jeremy said, nodding slowly. "She had a lot to say about you," Jo said. Brynne Andrews had filled nearly half the space in one of her last journals with writing about this man. She'd described him as … Continue reading Chapter 26: The End?

Chapter 25: My Name is Jo

Payton was speechless, a rarity for him. The woman (or was she a girl?) stepped timidly into the room. She looked exactly like Brynne, though younger. Was this Brynne? Had she found some some way to return, albeit, younger? She carried a brown box in her lean arms. "I'm looking for Payton Duvall," she announced. … Continue reading Chapter 25: My Name is Jo