Titanic Week 2016

It’s Titanic Week! In observance of the 104th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I’ll be spending a little time with the “Ship of Dreams”. The Titanic sank in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912, but I’ll be dedicating over a week (April 10th to April 18th) to the ship, her people, and her legacy. Each day during this period, you’ll find a new post that discusses a topic related to the Titanic.

Here’s a preview:

  • We’ll look at the historical depiction of the Titanic in film with reviews of two early Titanic films, La Hantise and Atlantic.
  • You wouldn’t think it, but there are actually some surprising connections between my home state of Mississippi and the Titanic that I stumbled across during my time at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. I’ll tell you about a few of those.
  • And I’ll be looking the ship and the sinking through a more scholarly lens by exploring some of the ways that they have been remembered and how they have impacted popular culture.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this blog for over a year, but this is the first year I’ve gotten my act together enough to get organized and do it. It takes a bit more planning and work than my own little private Titanic movie festival. Every year, from April 10th to the 18th, I’d watch one Titanic film each night, and this is was the extent of my Titanic Week activities. At some point during the past couple of years, though, it dawned on me that just watching the movies wasn’t enough for me anymore. For one, there are more Titanic movies now than there were when I first started doing Titanic Week, making it more difficult to fit all of them into the nine days that make up my “week”. I needed to try something new, and I think this blog series, which I’m planning to do yearly, may just be it. We’ll see how it goes!

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