Dinner with the Titanic Peeps

I was in Orlando over the MLK weekend, and the morning we checked out of our hotel, I discovered this in the lobby:


It’s a brochure for a First Class Dinner Gala aboard the Titanic. It’s actually a dinner show at Titanic: The Experience in Orlando. Initially, I thought this was the same company that runs the Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge, which I visited a few years ago. That’s why I’ve never been, despite all the time we’ve spent in Orlando over the last couple of years. Having annual passes to Disney also had a lot to do with it.

But it looks like the two museums are totally unrelated, and we didn’t renew our Disney annual passes this year, so now I have no more excuses and plenty of good reasons to check out this attraction the next time we’re in town. The dinner show includes admission to the tour, and this all seems like it could be fun! Dinner shows run most Friday and Saturday evenings with special dates added throughout the year. I hope those special dates include the anniversary of the sinking. It would be a major oversight to miss out on that particular opportunity.

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