A Love Less Ordinary, Chapter 9

From Naomi:

“Oh my… so wrong and nasty at first, I would have never thought to have Dukat and a Starfleet goody-goody together!  You had me shuddering all through the story, up until he died actually I was like ‘this CAN’T be happening!’  But you made it intresting [sic], intriguing, and I couldn’t stop reading!  I don’t like Dukat, but you made him a little less evil in my view, and now I realize no one can be truly evil, they HAVE to have a soul on the inside.  I loved Danielle, and you actually made me MISS Dukat when he died!  SHAME ON YOU!  I’m kidding by the way, exellent [sic] story, the only way I can critique you is my mentioning that the age difference between Dukat/Dani and Will/Dani is really wrong in my view, though some people might say age is just a number.”

(Naomi also gave “A Love Less Ordinary” a personal rating of 9.5/10!  )


It still always amazes me when I get reviews for my early stories.  Even when they aren’t positive, I’m awed that people actually still stumble upon them!  Naomi, thanks so much for the reflective and critical review!  This is one of those stories that I have to cringe at when I go back and read because I wrote it so long ago, and I always find so many problems with it.  I’m really glad that you got something out of it.

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