The Journal, Volume 2, Chapter 4

From Becca3:

“It’s so sad that you stopped writing about andrews and brynne 😦 .. I really liked this pairing and you are a really good writer..”



Thanks a million for reading and reviewing!  I’m so glad that you enjoyed it.  The thing about “The Journal” is that it has the potential to go on and on forever, like a soap opera.  There’s so much that could be covered.  It’s tempting to want to write more stories about Andrews and Brynne, and I may very well if I get a compelling idea at some point in the future.  But it was never my intention for “The Journal” to be a comprehensive chronicle of Brynne and Andrews’ life together.  It was meant to be a snapshot of their life, to give readers a glimpse into what happened after the Titanic sank.  I’m not ruling out possible future additions to the series, but there aren’t any immediate plans for stories in the near future.

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