We’re Back!

Hello, everyone!  After a lengthy hiatus, Engage is back, and we’ve got tons of exciting new things planned for our fans and readers.

The first change, and perhaps the most visible, is our moniker.  For nearly four years, we’ve been known as Engage Media.  Recently, we decided that a name change would enable us to narrow our focus and more accurately and precisely reflect our content.  We want people to know exactly what they’re getting when they hear or see our name emblazoned across the top of a web page.  With a name like Engage Fiction, we’ll be able to accomplish exactly that.

The next big change you’ll notice is our website at Tripod.  It doesn’t exist anymore.  Since its inception, the Engage website was intended to serve as the hub for Engage content, including hosting digital copies of Engage stories, links to fanfic sites featuring Engage stories, and news about or inspired by Engage stories. For about two years, Tripod offered a great way for us to display our content.  We thought we had the perfect web host … until they decided to change their site builder application.  In short, the old builder was good; the new one is bad.  REALLY bad.  Rather than attempt to wrangle with their new builder, we set out in search of a new web host.  We found one which we believe will serve us very well:  Google.  Google has a whole cache of useful and innovative tools that most people know nothing about, their web hosting service among them.  Will Google Sites be the answer to our website prayers?  Only time will tell.

Our new structure is our third big change.  We want to give our readers the best experience possible, so we’re experimenting with multiple websites and formats.  Our stories will be housed primarily at Fanfiction.net.  That’s where you read our content “hot off the press”.  Engage Fiction at Livejournal will run “re-runs” of previous stories and possibly some original series that don’t fit in over at Fanfiction.net.   Engage Fiction at Google will host supplementary information for stories, including photos, soundtrack listings, and much more.  Engage Fiction at Blogger, the website you’re currently reading, will present EF news and developments.  This is the source on the web for up-to-date information about EF (we’re also on Twitter if you care to receive up-to-the-minute news about EF).  Finally, our EF presence on WordPress is Rian Gordon’s blog, where she writes about her life and experiences as a dancer relocating to the U.S. after working and living in Europe for a few years.

As you can tell, we have a lot of exciting changes in store for our readers.  We’re glad to have you along for the ride, and we welcome your feedback and your ideas.  Happy reading!


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